weekend recap with pics

saturday we had a really awesome day spent outside (and i actually remembered to take my camera along)...joey and i took his 4wheeler (with joe following us in the truck) to a teen activity the church had.  so we put on our snowsuits (except for joey, he is WAY to cool for his) and we were off...let's just say i underestimated exactly how cold it was going to be.  we packed a picnic to take along and stopped halfway to eat.  we also got to talk to a truckload of nice hunters who informed us they were hunting a pack of coyotes right in the area we were...guess how fast we ate our lunch?

can you even believe i got a pic of joe smiling?  it's totally because i snuck and took it.  it's rare...

i am in LOVE with these next two pics of us...they are SO SO SO us...and capture our personalities perfectly!

miss jadie had a good time playing in the snow BUT she got her snowsuit wet...wet snowsuit = FREEZING cold = whiney girl = cranky daddy

out for now