Change always comes bearing gifts   ~Price Pritchett

change and i haven't always been friends over the years...normally change is something i resist at all costs.  change would make me so angry and frustrated and eventually i would just give up, finding it much easier to just not change. 

last year i realized easier isn't always better.  and i knew in my heart there were things i wanted to change, things i HAD to change.  i also knew i couldn't do it alone, the only way my change would be successful was with the help of God.  and i prayed...and prayed...and prayed...He was there and listening.  my change has been a success because of Him helping me.

today i find myself humbled and again at His feet, praying for help and change.  i know i can't do it alone and honestly, i wouldn't want to.  when it comes to change, there is God's part, and there is our part. if we want to change, we can.  but we have to do it God's way.

out for now