{long} weekend recap

here we are, back to work after a (much needed) long weekend.  at least we have a short work week  :)  and another weekend to look forward to in 4 days, yes!!!

this was a common scene around our house this weekend...lots of snuggling with littles and the pups...jade was snuggling with raven on the floor, both covered in a blanket watching tv...and pepper just HAD to get in the shot too (he was snuggling with his mama on the couch)...
(i have NO idea why ravens eyes do this every single time i take a picture, i find it a little creepy actually)
friday i called off work and spent the day at home with my love...it was awesome.  this winter i just feel like i don't get to see him very much and it makes me sad...friday night we sent joey off to snow camp for the weekend with a local youth group...joe, jade and i just hung at home the rest of the night...

saturday morning we headed to walmart for the pet shop parade...which jade said was a "total ripoff", she wasn't a fan...but she did get to buy some new pet shops.  we left walmart and had chinese buffet for lunch (jades choice) and while we were there joe noticed the 4wheeler shop beside it was having a sale.  guess where we went next?  yep, you guessed it...to the big boys toy store...joe is deciding today if he is getting a new 4wheeler or not.  we really do need a new one badly.  once we got home saturday jade then went to her cousin tori's house to play, go tubeing and stay overnight. 

that meant that joe and i had a complete afternoon/evening/night to ourselves!  we went for a long drive like we always would do when we were dating, we had pizza and watched a movie and we were in bed sleeping by 9:30.  how boring are we, lol...

sunday we went to church and brought miss jade home with us.  i cooked all afternoon on our special family valentines dinner.  while i was cooking joe went to pick joey up from his wicked fun weekend.  and wouldn't you know it, when joe was on his way home he got called out to work.  he did eat dinner real quick before he went but still, it sucked.  totally ruined my valentines day dinner.

yesterday i woke up with a huge desire to clean and organize (it's a sickness, lol)...so i figured i better just go with it.  i cleaned nearly the entire upstairs and even washed some walls.  joe got called out to work again in the afternoon (i'm totally over this winter).

out for now

ps...i have some weekend pics to share tomorrow