prayers needed

if everyone could join me in lifting a little girl up in prayer it would be greatly appreciated.  she is our cousin, amanda, and lives in ohio.  she just turned 14 this week. 

last thursday (the 11th) Amanda suffered a brain hemorrhage (bleeding from a ruptured arterio-venous malformation; AVM is a condition from birth).  the bleeding resulted in a stroke.  the emergency room induced coma and she was flown to Children's Hospital. emergency surgery was performed and they saved her life.  on friday they successfully repaired and stopped 95% of the bleeding.  an MRI done on monday revealed that the stroke resulted in significant and irrepairable brain damage.  the full extent of the damage is unknown at this time.  surgery to remove the clot and AVM (arterio-venous malformation) that caused this has been postponed indefinitely due to uncontrollable swelling.  they are now hoping the swelling ceases and the remaining brain tissue will sustain life.

this is from amandas father, rob:
We are surrounded by a strong family. Our faith has grown strong and have put our faith in God to choose her path. If you knew Amanda, you would know that she wouldn't want us to cry. She even asked me not to cry while we were waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Before she faded into sleep on our ride to the hospital, she said, "tell everyone I love them and I'll be alright." Please have faith that one way or another, she will be "alright". Thank you for all the prayers.
thank you everyone for your prayers...lets lift this little princess and her family up in our prayers.
out for now