*THE* valentines box...

this is THE valentines box...jade and i have been working on it for weeks now.  as ya'all know, i LOVE love and all things associated with valentines day...so every year the valentines box is a FAV project of mine.  this year we knew we wanted something different and very original...our theme, OWLS!  something we both love, lots!

i made the base with paper mache and two balloons, one for the head and one for the body.  i also did the beak, ears and eyes with paper mache. 
i was really racking my brain trying to think of how to do feathers. then it hit me, my sizzix machine!!!  each feather is actually a heart cut out of paper, some of them curled for added fullness.  the wings and belly are an orangish color and the rest is obviously brown.
i left the bottom of the owl open so to get the cards out all we need to do is lift it out of the "nest".  the hole for the cards to go in is on it's back. 

i am just in love with "olivia owl" and love how she turned out.  i think once valentines day is over she will obviously need a permanant place in my home somewhere.

out for now