amanda ♥

thank you everyone for your prayers for amanda...sadly, amanda didn't make it and passed away saturday evening...this is an email that was forwarded on to me from my aunt, it was sent to her by amandas father...

Once again, thank you all for your loving support, stories of Amanda and kind generosity!!!!! I would love to call everyone but my vocal cords are shot.

Last night at 7:24 pm, Amanda took her last breath. Please take peace and comfort in knowing that it was a blessing for and it was for the best. After consulting with all of the pertinent staff at Children's Hospital, it was clear that she would never have recovered to a purposeful life. You can also rest assured that other than a few brief moments on Thursday February 11th she experienced no additional pain at any point. She went peacefully and was in the care of our favorite and most compassionate nurse; Molly. As she said in the ambulance, "tell EVERYONE that I love them and I'll be alright." She is in HEAVEN now and is more than "alright". We are uncertain at this time what the arrangements will be. However, we know that there will not be a traditional visitation/funeral. We do not want a church full of sadness and crying. There will be plenty of that but we want to celebrate her life. We also realize that this celebration will have to accommodate a large number of people. Pray for guidance and strength as we sort this all out. In the short term we will need a little bit of privacy to decompress from the extreme challenges of the last 16 days. I will keep you posted and once again, thank you all. Our family, friends and loved ones along with God have given us a tremendous amount of strength.

please, lets continue to lift them up in prayer...they need it  now more than ever.  thank you so much everyone. 

out for now