♥ march ♥

this little pup just makes my heart happy...he sure loves his mama more than anything...

oh march is here, finally...that gives me hope that spring is on the way and right around the corner (i hope)...i'm sooooo totally over snow and winter...i'm ready for some warm weather and sunny skies!  and as selfish as it sounds, to have my husband to myself in the evenings and on the weekends. 

can you believe my little bloggie has been viewed 40,000 times?!?!?!  AND last month i actually blogged every single day...isn't there an award for that or something?

we had a wonderful weekend...friday night the roads were complete yuck and joe had to work till midnight so the kids and i snuggled up on the couch and watched dvr'd shows from last week (abdc and project runway). 

saturday we let daddy sleep in for a bit...i made us some cinnamon rolls and the littles and i snuggled on the couch again and watched little house (one of my FAV shows ever!)...once joe was up we headed over to altoona to the sportsman show, it was a pretty good time.  we also ate at outback and did some shopping.  we had a GREAT day together, it was much needed.  saturday evening we put on our pajamas, snuggled back up and watched movies.

sunday joe got called out to work  :(  which was a complete boo...but the littles and i made the best of the day.  i had tons of laundry to do, we had shoveling to do and i made two big pots of bean soup (ham and bean AND hobo bean)...joe actually got off of work at 8 rather than midnight and was home early enough to spend some time with us  :)  complete yay!!!

out for now