meal planning monday

so i'm going to start a new monday tradition at the little bloggie here...meal planning monday...i am a complete LOVER of planning my meals ahead...prepping for meals beforehand...makes my life SO much easier!  i also am a complete LOVER of recipes, cooking and eating (of course)...let me know how you like the new weekly post...

monday - hobo bean soup ...i love this soup (the oldest little does NOT, he isn't a lover of beans)'s packed full of fiber and isn't bad on the diet...i cut the sugar amounts in half (to also be easier on the diet) and i didn't add bacon to it.

tuesday - spaghetti and exciting recipe to share for this day...home canned sauce and frozen meatballs...and some garlic bread on the side  :)

wednesday - broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breasts...jade will just LOVE this, joey will not.  he also isn't a fan of broccoli...yes, he is my snoopy one.  i'm thinking a side of rice might go well with this.

thursday - french dip beef sammy and onion rings...i expect this will be a large hit with the littles...finally, something joey won't turn his nose up at...

friday - this night is up in the air...jade wants me to take her to pizza hut to use up her bookit coupons BUT we might go saturday instead.  if we stay home we will be having meat pie made from the leftover french dip beef from thursday...

saturday - no cooking this day...out to dinner with the fam  :)

sunday -  joes famous bbq ribs and cheesy potatoes and ranch bread...can't hardly wait for this comfort packed meal!!!

out for now