weekend recap with pics

we had such a GREAT weekend...and seriously, it was gorgeous out ALL weekend long, i loved it!!!

friday night joe left work early so he actually got to spend a friday evening with us.  this is the first friday evening he has spent with us all winter long...we all just loved it and soaked up every second with him.  we went out to dinner and then got groceries...it was sooooo nice to have him with me for groceries!!!

saturday i had lots of cleaning that i wanted to get done and i did get quite a bit done in the morning.  but by lunch time the beautiful sun outside was calling my name.  i told joey to call a few friends and i would take them all out sled riding.  jade was going bowling with the church so she wasn't there to sled ride.  it was GORGEOUS outside...i had my snow pants on with just a tshirt.  loved it!!!

after sled riding we had dinner plans made with some fab friends...we all ran in and got showers and just threw on tshirts and sweats and headed out.  we had a great time visiting at dinner and got home in time for papa to call at 7:30...

sunday joe made his yummy ribs for lunch...ya'all know how much i adore big sunday dinners after church!!!  and this one didn't disappoint...then it was back outside for more sled riding.  here are some pics from the weekend:
joey made a ramp and titled it the "best ramp ever".  the ramp was used LOTS of times...each time i would hear "oomph" or "uggghh" as they went over the ramp and landed on the other side.  this was jade hitting said best ramp ever.
out for now