weight loss *march*

please excuse the horrible (totally unattractive) pictures...they were taken at like 6:05 a.m.  the lighting was horrible and they are a tad blurry.

this month i lost 5 lbs.  not a great amount BUT better than gaining...i look at every loss as an achievement.  i realized a while ago i had to look at it that way or i would drive myself insane.

i have a few new exercise dvd's that i'm going to add in to my routine...one is a 6 mile walk, i've done it twice so far and just LOVE it...it certainly doesn't feel like you're walking that far!  the other is zumba, i bought the set and should receive them today.  i'm hoping to LOVE them as well.

i have the same outfit on in these pics that i did in my first set of pics in january...and i can see a difference.  weird, since i look at myself every day i don't really see it...but once i compared these pics then i saw it.

out for now