*absolute BEAUTY*

i took these pictures yesterday of the apple tree between my house and my mamas, the tree is absolutely GORGEOUS right now!  i love the colors in the second one but yet i love the black and white one as well...i just love spring and watching nature come to life!!!

tomorrow is friday and believe me, i can't WAIT!!!  i have a full, fun filled weekend coming up that i'm kinda excited about...tomorrow night i have a photoshoot with some furry littles, saturday morning i have another photoshoot with a beautifully sweet little girl and saturday evening miss jade has her first soccer game!  yay, should be a fun weekend!!

i'm feeling much better this week and finally feel as if i might be on the mend.  although i'm still having sinus pain/pressure and headaches it's TONS better than how i felt last week!  just getting those tubes out of my nose on monday was a big plus.  i can actually sleep in my bed now which is such a wonderful thing.  i bet by this time next week i'll feel like a million bucks.

don't forget about the mothers day contest on the gypsy tree blog...the winner will receive a FREE photoshoot for the mother they nominate!

out for now