loving myself

i'm finally at a place where i can say i love myself
and i think that is a VERY important step in my journey
i love the good i see in myself
and i embrace my imperfections
i refuse to ever critisize myself as i use to
speaking to myself worse than anyone else ever would
i love having the ability to be positive about myself
and actually be kind to myself
i love to have fun and laugh
i've worked really hard over the last year
i'm proud of it and i own it
i might not be the skinniest person out there
but i've made one heck of a effort
and NEVER gave up
i refuse to spend my days filled with worry anymore
i pray and offer my worries up to God and know He will handle them
i trust myself
and i have confidence in my abilities
i forgive myself for all the mistakes i've made
and i know the Lord forgives me as well
i am truthful with myself
i am closer to the Lord now than i've ever been
and i love the peace i feel inside
i am thankful for everything i have in my life
every single day i live and love is a complete joy
i love and accept myself completely and unconditionally

out for now