happy birthday joey...

happy birthday to my boy...
i can't believe he turns 13 today...
where has the time gone...
let's celebrate with some random facts about my oldest little...

*  i'm almost certain he can eat his weight in pizza
*  he has the most amazing singing voice BUT refuses to use it
*  he makes me laugh, like super-hard-almost-pee-my-pants, on a daily basis
*  he plays the drums
*  he absolutely hates bees
*  he LOVES his 4-wheeler
*  he has some grudge against the clothes hamper, thus letting his laundry on his bedroom floor instead
*  he really really really enjoys sleep
*  football IS his thing, and he waits all year long for the season to start
*  he loves to tease his sister until she wants to punch him in the throat, laughing the entire time (she doesn't so much laugh at this)

out for now