meal planning monday

i'm going to attempt a meal planning monday for this week...i haven't even  put a second of thought to it yet...yikes!!

monday - oven pizza, quick and easy...we have a rush rush night with going to the funeral home and then rushing home to exercise...

tuesday - hobo bean soup ...i love this soup (the oldest little does NOT, he isn't a lover of beans)'s packed full of fiber and isn't bad on the diet...i cut the sugar amounts in half (to also be easier on the diet) and i am going to use turkey bacon.

wednesday - hawaiian chicken and spicey shrimp kabobs along with grilled veggies (mushrooms, pineapple, small potatoes, peppers and zuchinni)...YUMMO!!!  we were to have this on sunday but we went out to dinner instead.

thursday - bacon cheeseburger meatloaf and baked potatoes...a meal everyone *should* like.

friday - hot sausage sammys (for joe and the littles) and a fat free cheese and chicken quesedilla for me...

saturday - pecan burgers, twice baked potato casserole and baked apples for dessert...YUM!

sunday - MOTHERS DAY...not sure what we'll be having this day, depends on if i'm cooking for my mama or not...

out for now