my journey continues...

my weight loss journey still continues, even though i didn't make my may post.  may 1 seemed to come so fast after my sinus surgery and i just wasn't really feeling up to pictures and such. 

my diet/exercise is still going well and i'm still losing @ 1 lb a week but lately i've been slightly struggling...with myself mostly (and my mind)...there are days i still feel like that fat girl.  there are days i look in the mirror and STILL see her.  and i'm not exactly sure why...i guess maybe it could be that my mind hasn't totally caught up with my body yet? 

it's also amazing to me how one small little action can make such a HUGE impact on my self esteem...last week i tried on a pair of shorts in a soon as i looked in the mirror i was once again THAT fat girl...and for the rest of the evening i felt like her.  it's so frustrating to me how that works.  how can i lose that much weight and still feel like her?  i started my journey because i didn't like BEING her anymore.

i'm going to keep at it and just work through this, i know that with the help of Him anything is possible.  and i'm thinking this is just another part of my journey.  and honestly, every part i've went through on this journey is what has helped me get to where i am today.  and i know eventually i will be "prior fat girl" instead of feeling like "THE fat girl"...

june 1 i will be back with current pics and a total of what i've lost for april & may... 

Don't let the past hold back the dreams you have today

out for now