and MORE soccer...that is our life right now.  but i'm ok with that, it keeps my littles busy & they love it.  i also have to admit, i never in a million years would have thought that i would actually enjoy watching soccer...crazy huh? 

let me explain this picture...first of all, joey is #77 and sunday was his first game ever...the other boy (in red) was trying to get the ball from joey he called joey a "fat ass"...turns out that made joey a little bit soon as i took this picture joey knocked that kid right down...i have NO idea where he gets his temper from, lol...

oh i had to take this picture...see the little girl on the left, every time she would come over by joey he would totally just let her have the ball, like he was afraid to be aggressive with her...the one dad said he was probably trying to get her number, lol...although that wouldn't surprise me (eye roll)

out for now