getting to know my ♥

do you know your heart?
lately i've been thinking this over...what makes my heart beat faster?  what are my passions?  God has given each of us special gifts...things He planted in our heart for us to share with the world...that's something that is so awesome, He made each and every single one of us unique! 

we don't have to keep up with someone else's priorities
this is something i struggle with...i have lots of people in my life that would like me to follow their priorities...i need to find beauty and peace living the life God has intended for me...and that life might not look like
yours, or theirs, but that's ok...i need to find fulfillment in being authentic and true to who i really am...and let myself discover and develop the passions God gave me...

live with purpose
i want to follow His purpose for my life...that doesn't mean i have to be perfect in what i do, no one is perfect...but it does mean i have to surrender to what God has for me to do in life right now...and do my best to grow in those areas and keep them in balance...

i'm taking a step
i'm looking at my dreams...i'm making sure they were given to me by Him...i'm taking a step and seeing what happens...i'm traveling down this path knowing if it is His plan doors will open and things will come together...and it will happen in His timing and balance...and i will do my best to share my passion and talent He gave me with the world...

it's a process
and i struggle with some of these issues...i certainly DON'T have it all together but i'm trying...i really want to make peace with whatever season my life is in...and i want to find confidence in who God created me to be...

out for now