in the past few weeks i'vd had someone from my past try to add me as a friend on facebook.
i KNEW right away there was nooooo chance of that happening.
i would sit on it for a while, fret about it then hit ignore.
and a few days later there would be another friend request from the same person.
again, we'd go through the same cycle.

on my way to work one morning i was thinking about it again.
what exactly is the RIGHT thing to do in this situation.
i mean, to approve them as a friend would be complete foolishness.
then it hit me like a ton of bricks, FORGIVENESS.

this person had done some seriously rotten things to me in the past, as you can see by the layout below.
and for years i've held on to that anger.
which, in essence, still let them have power over me.
and finally, it's time to forgive.
not for them but for me.
it will free me to get on with my life, here and now.
and not be chained to the past any more.
i'm sure it will be a process.

out for now