questions (aka please help me)

as most of you know my oldest little is now a teenager.
this has brought along some challenges of it's own.
i'm not a big fan of challenges, just fyi.
and since most days i feel like the meanest mom EVER
i would like some opinions from other mamas...please...

* at what age did you, or will you, let your children date?
* at what age did you, or will you, let your children hang out in a co-ed group setting with a boyfriend/girlfriend?
* what age difference (older or younger) do you think is appropriate?
* once your rules are set, do you stick to them? 
* do all of your kids follow the same set of rules?
* do you, or did you, ever feel like the meanest mama on the earth?
* how did you survive the teen years with your little being mad at you 95% of the time?  or is it only my little?
* when did your parents allow YOU to date?
* how do you punish your teen (grounded, lose cell phone or tv privledges, extra chores)?
* do you buy into the "don't be too strict or you'll push them away" thing?
* what about the "well, what can i do about it...they'll do it anyways" mentallity?

thanks in advance for your answers.
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out for now