so, i'm not even going to lie...i went on vacation last week and didn't follow a single bit of my diet...every single day i ate WHATEVER i wanted!  i felt no guilt and knew that once monday the 12th came it was back to the grind.  i read up on tons of weight loss recipes, exercises and mags while i was on vaca and kinda made a little game plan in my head.

and no, i didn't rush home and weigh to see what i gained.  that is just complete sabotage for me.  i would weigh, see how much i gained, be depressed and want to rush out and eat more.  i'm totally not falling for that game anymore!!  i will wait for a week or two to weigh in.

i've also joined a challenge to "lose 25 in 10"...that is lose 25 lbs in 10 weeks...and i totally KNOW that if i set my mind to it i CAN and WILL do thing this journey has shown me, i am capable of way more than i ever gave myself credit for!  i AM strong and i CAN do the impossible (or what i use to think was impossible)...

so, if you'd like, join me in the "lose 25 in 10" challenge...we can buddy up and support each other!!

out for now