weight loss *july*

this month i've lost 3 pounds...again, not a huge loss BUT it's better than a gain.  i have, since i started my "life change", lowered my BMI by 10 points...and i now only have 33 more pounds to lose to be at my goal weight...33 pounds sounds like a lot BUT i remember back to when i started this journey and i certainly had a LOT more than just 33 to lose...and i am determined to just keep at it until i am there...

i knew for sure when i started this journey that it HAD to be a lifestyle change and it has become that...strange as it is, if i go a day without exercising or if i eat something unhealthy i just feel soooooooo horrible and guilty...i also know that this lifestyle HAS to be for the rest of my life...and i am determined to make it that!
out for now