oh sunny tuesday, i love you so....the sun has been out ALL DAY and it's 90 outside...the only thing better would be if i wasn't here and could actually be outside enjoying it!

so i'm totally going to blame my lack of blogging on how crazy busy i've been the last few days...between cheer signups at houtzdale days, shooting the wedding saturday, spending the day with my fam on sunday and then back to work yesterday...completely crazy busy BUT i love it!

i am HAPPY to report i now have a non-leaking roof!!!  like over-the-moon happy.  no more buckets sitting in my kitchen, yes!  the amish did an amazing job on it and had it done in 3 days.  they were such hard workers and we plan on using them for some more improvements around the house in the next couple months.

this is a conversation between my dad and the older amish man at my house...
dad - "so, are you a pappy yet?"
amish man - "yep"
dad - "how many do you have?"
amish man - "guess"
dad - "oh i'm not sure, 10?"
amish man - "84"
dad - "wow...that's, um, quite....a.....few"

out for now