canning anyone??

sooooo as most of you know, i love to can...i know, it's freakish BUT seriously, i love it...i love at the end of the day having something to show for how hard i worked...and that we basically reap the rewards of it all year long...

right now the tomatoes and peppers are really coming that means sauce and hot pepper dip...i'm also going to try a new recipe this year, hot pepper mustard sauce (recipe below) what i want ya'all to do is leave me your FAV canning recipe in the comments section or email it to me at i loooove to try new recipes!!!

hot pepper mustard sauce

soak 48 - 50 peppers (hot wax/hungarian) in 1 cup salt and enough water to cover peppers.  soak for 2 hours or overnight.

drain peppers.  shread peppers to desired texture.  heat of mixture is controlled by seeds, remove all seeds for a milder mix (this is what i'll be doing, i'll probably put one pepper in WITH seeds)

put peppers in kettle with the following:
1 quart yellow mustard (french's)
1 quart vinegar
4 cups sugar
1 tablespoon salt

cook until it comes to a boil (stir frequently), then take 1 cup flour mixed with enoughw ater to make at thickening, add it to the pepper mix and cook until it thickens.  put in jars and seal

1 batch = 9 pints

out for now