're my BESTIE!

oh friday, you have no idea how glad i am to see you this week!!!  this has felt like such a long week...there has been stress at work and honestly, that just wears me out.  i'm soooo happy to be leaving here soon for the weekend!!!

my weekend is going to be a busy one...friends staying over, carving pumpkins, finishing my decorating, trick-or-treating, TONS of shoots, movie & pizza night, church, visiting grandma and spending time with my fam. 

joey's team won their game last night and now they are on to the championship game next week.  i am so so so proud of him and all of them.  they play amazingly well together.  hopefully it's nice next week during the game so i can take my camera.  the last 4 or 5 games it's rained during them  :(

out for now