so i've been slightly lacking on the blogging lately, sorry about that...my little bloggie needs some attention and i'm going to give her just that today...here are some random cutler house happenings:

*  i've had a ton of photoshoots lately...like seriously a TON...i am amazed at how blessed my business has become :)

*  this week is jade's last peewee football game to cheer at, ever...i'd like to say i'm sad cheer is coming to an end but i'm kinda excited to have my sundays back

*  grandma is in the hospital with pneumonia...we would surely appreciate prayers for her (and my mama)...hopefully she recovers quickly and gets her strength back

*  i think we *might* of had a small breakthrough with jade and all things school (homework, tests, etc.)...last week she received a 102 on her spelling test!!!  sooo super proud of that little chickie

*  super excited about how our zumba class is going...it seems each week we have 1 or 2 new girls...and i'm thinking we are going to learn a new song soon  :)

*  joe goes back to work next week...not sure if i'm excited about it or not...i know when winter comes i won't see him much at all, which totally makes me sad...

*  joey gets his braces off next week and he can't WAIT!!!  i am so excited to see how amazing his teeth look

out for now