my journey still continues...

my weight loss journey is still continuing, although slower now than it has been.  i'm actually at a really frustrating plateau right now and have been for a few weeks.  but i haven't gained, which is something to be proud of :)

i'm going to try to change up my exercise routine some and add more to it and see if that makes a difference.  it's just been *SO* hard to fit exercise in every day with my schedule of photography/cheerleading/football.  i think i'm going to start getting up early and fitting in a workout before work and then my normal evening one.  that way if i am too busy for the evening one at least i know i already had one workout.  now too just get my butt out of bed in the mornings for it  :)

we are coming up on that REALLY hard time of year to be on a diet...the HOLIDAYS!  i am going to try my best to maintain through it.  to just eat healthy when there aren't get togethers, make healthy choices at the get togethers and to keep up with my exercise.  that should make a big difference.

so wish me luck and please say a little prayer for me to get over this plauteau.  and i'll be back next month with a pic and my weight loss post

out for now