weight loss {november}

wow, so i actually REMEMBERED a weight loss post for november...i don't think i've done one since, oh, august maybe?  i also don't remember what i weighed the last time i did a post so i'm not sure what to put for that, so we'll just say in the last two months i've lost 5 more pounds...i officially have like 25 more to lose and will then be at my goal weight...once there i will hopefully work on toning...

it's been a long road but one so totally worth it...i have learned so many things throughout my journey, and so many things about myself...i always thought i was such a weak person but i was so totally wrong...i can do ANYTHING i set my mind to and i know that now...and i also know that every.single.one. of you can too!!!

when i look back at the pictures i took starting last january i'm amazed at the difference since then...if you click on "weight loss journey" in my sidebar you can see all the different posts and pictures...

out for now