can YOU help?

today, as i was browsing facebook, i came across a link shared by stephanie simply said "Please go read this post and give if you can... What a precious little girl" and just that little sentence got my off i went to read post...

as soon as i started reading it my heart broke...and i KNEW i had to share it here with my amazing blog readers...

this is olga, she turns five next month.  she is from eastern europe where babies with down syndrome are deemed unacceptable at birth.  olga has spent her life in an orphanage...until now.  soon she will be transferred to a mental institution...forever.

patti (check out her blog here has a wonderful post written about olga and is asking for donations towards olga's adoption grant fund through reece's rainbow.  the money that goes into olga's account will be used to ease the financial burden of the she said, there's not a lack of families who want these babies- there's a lack of finances.  she is giving away an ipod touch on her blog, all you have to do is donate to olga. 

what a GREAT christmas gift to give little sweet olga!!!

out for now