**little full...lotta sap**

oh friday, i'm so glad you're here!  this friday is especially awesome as papa is on his way here right now.  him and linda will be spending the weekend with us.  the kids are totally stoked.  and you know what it means when papa is here...DATE NIGHT!  can't WAIT to connect with my man.

tomorrow we are meeting bec and kaya for lunch.  i can't wait to see her sweet face either, totally miss my bec.  it's so suckish to go from seeing each other every day to only seeing each other a few times a year.  so i totally value the time we do get together.

i took today off to get some much needed work done around this house.  i had my allergy shot this morning, got groceries and got my nails done then cleaned...cleaned...and cleaned.  and i'm totally whooped.

out for now