hello weekend...

oh weekend, i love you so...and boy do we have one jammed full of fun. isn't that the best kind to have?

tonight i had a zumba class...i didn't get to have a class monday night (i had a wedding) and wednesday night we didn't have class either (the weather was complete crap)...so i had a little extra class tonight just to get our zumba fix  :)  it was a small class BUT it was super fun

tomorrow morning i have a special breakfast planned...cinnamon bun pancakes with warm maple icing, doesn't that just sound delish!  i'm thinking some chopped walnuts added to the mix would work nicely with this as well.  after breakfast we are planning on sled riding...joe is going to get his 4-wheeler out to pull us up the hill (this makes jade SUPER happy, she isn't a fan of walking back up the hill)...tomorrow night we are going to have dinner and movie night...bbq pork sammys and homemade mac and cheese for dinner then just chillin' with netflix ♥

sunday we have church and then a purse party, you have no idea how much i am looking forward to that.  i am such a lover of purses.  we are planning on hitting up pizza hut for dinner and then home to relax in our jammies. i love sundays!!!!

out for now