meal planning monday

this weeks edition...

monday - quick pig casserole (cabbage, 96% fat free hamburg, brown rice, sauerkraut and tomato soup) of my absolute FAVS and soooo healthy!!!  under 250 calories a serving and it's packed with protein and fiber...i highly recommend this one!!!

tuesday - hopefully leftover quick pigs =)

wednesday - hotpockets for the littles

thursday - chicken spiedies on the grill, baked potatoes and steamed cauliflower

friday - subway night  =)  i'm taking the kids to try out the gym (they've been bugging for days) so afterwards we are going to pick up subway

saturday - out to dinner with the fam

sunday - bbq chicken, cheesy potatoes and garlic crescent rolls (for the crescent rolls i use the low fat ones and sprinkle them with garlic powder before i roll them fam loves them)

out for now