this week jade and i are busy busy busy wrapping up her valentines box for school (pics to come later in the week) and we are trying to do all we can to tie the theme together...i seem to have waited too long and am running out of time to get everything done for it...tonight will be an evening packed full of tape, paper mache, newspaper strips and chasing the animals away from the paste (i don't even understand that).  jade has to take her box in to school on thursday soooooo time is short (and stressful)

i can NOT wait for this weekend...the forecast sounds divine, which means my husband will be home!!  and we have no plans all weekend, how awesome is that!  the only thing i have is a celebrating home party on saturday.

joey is going away for the weekend with his friends youth group to a snow camp...he'll leave friday night and come home sunday afternoon...then hopefully sunday evening we will have our family valentines dinnner  =)

out for now