loving my {new} self

i love myself
no matter what, fat or thin, i love who i am
i love the good i see in myself
and i embrace my imperfections
i will not critisize myself
i love being positive about myself
it feels amazing
and to actually be kind to myself for once
i've worked really hard
i'm proud of it and i own it
i might not be the skinniest person out there
but i've NEVER gave up
i refuse to spend my days filled with worry anymore
i trust myself
and i have confidence in my abilities
i am truthful with myself
i love the peace i feel inside
i am thankful for everything i have in my life
every single day i live and love is a complete joy
i love and accept myself completely and unconditionally
i am super excited about my {new} self, my path and my life
and i am very thankful the Lord has stood beside me
every step of the way

out for now