reason number 14,297

why i love my kids...

me:  hey guys, guess what we are going to be taking care of for someone?
jade:  how big is it?
me:  not real super big
jade:  would it fit in our bathtub?
me:  um...yeah, it probably would
jade:  is it a whale?
me:  (looking at her to see if she was serious...and yep, she was) 

joey:  looking at this picture of me when i was little
jade:  you were stronting it for the girls
me:  do you mean strutting?
jade:  oh yeah, isn't that what i said?

family:  (chattering about what we are going to have for dinner)
jade:  what would you do if i turned into a tucan and flew away
family:  (silence)
jade:  so seriously, what would you do
me:  ummm, not sure jade
jade:  would you turn my room into a rainforest?
me:  sure
jade:  what if i turned into a racoon

**this is not meant to be offensive, just seriously funny**

(while we were sitting in the middle of a crowded restaurant)
jade:  so sometimes in school the kids put their arms up like this and say white power
me:  OH MY GOODNESS jade, ssshhhhhh, don't ever ever ever do and say that...don't you know what that is about?
jade:  yes, it's about hitler...
me:  do you know who he is jade?
jade:  yes, he was a famous french painter
me:  (staring at her with my mouth hanging open...speechless)
joey:  wow jade, wow


out for now