weight loss {march recap}

i am soooooo thankful it's the weekend!!! after the last few weeks i've had i'm just worn out, absolutely worn out. now that i'm settled at work it will be soooo nice to just have a relaxing weekend with my sweet fam.

sorry for the crapish cell phone pic, i took it two days ago...i had big intentions of coming home last night and taking my march weight loss pics before we went to the school play but that didn't happen...so this pic is the best i can do...

this month i lost 4 more pounds...not an extreme amount but at this point it just doesn't come off as easily...i'm proud of it, i own it and i busted my butt for every ounce of it...

i'm still in absolute love love love with weight watchers...again, if i had known it was this easy and great i would have started it at the beginning of my journey...i'm thinking weight watchers might just be something i adapt for the rest of my life...i know once i get to my goal weight i could stay there if i use WW...

i haven't been going to the gym much in the mornings...i had sleep issues this month and just honestly had NO desire to get up at 4:20 am...no desire at all...i continued to teach zumba class twice a week and the fam and i started walking...it feels sooooooo good to be outside and be able to go on long walks!

so i can say i'm very happy with this month and i am hoping to see the same or better next month.

out for now