thanks to everyone that has visited here from unveiled wife...our story of love and reconciliation is a pretty sweet one i think...a few of you who are in the same situation we were have asked for advice so i thought i would touch on a few things here that really helped me...

* first of all, i found an amazing website during that time and it became a daily visiting place for me...reading their stories of reconciliation game me hope...seeing others say it's okay to stand for your marriage even when others are telling you to give up...finding prayers that were specific to my needs...i just loved that site and would simply NOT go a day without visiting it and reading as much info as i could...the website, http://www.rejoiceministries.org/, is ran by a husband/wife team that also endured affairs, heartache and separation...check it out!

* you all are so lucky to have unveiled wife, please use that resource as much as possible...having other strong, Christian women to talk to will help you more than you'll ever know!!! if you're having a bad day, ask for prayer...if you're having good day, have everyone rejoice with you...

* remember all things happen in His time, not ours...that was a hard lesson for me to learn as i'm not a real patient person...i always want what i want NOW and this just didn't work like that...so i was patient and persevered and it paid off!

* i read an amazing book during this time, divorce proof your marriage by Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg...this book helped me to realize i wasn't perfect and that i needed to work on myself just as much as the marriage needed mending...excellent read!

* if you ever need a shoulder, send me a message...either on facebook or email me at cutcutler1903@aol.com

out for now