15 years & counting ♥

fifteen years ago i married my best friend, my perfectly perfect soul mate...there isn't anyone else i would rather grow old with...he is such an amazing husband and father and i am beyond thankful for him...

this is the song he sang to me one very special night when we were dating...the instant he started singing it to me, while looking into my eyes, i started to cry...it was that exact instant that i knew i loved him and that i wanted to spend the rest of my life with him...he says that is the same moment he knew he loved me as well...to this day when i hear this song it instantly takes me back to that night and i get those feelings all over again...and when he sings it to me it still makes me cry...

You're my always and forever.

You're the one that hung the moon.
After all these nights together
I still get lost in your perfume.

And if I could write a love song,
Every line would tell the truth.
It would be a warm and soft one
And my heart would say to you

When you see me walk on water,
When the sea don't reach the shore
When the fires of hell freeze over,
I won't need you anymore

Oh, the feelings lay so easy,
Lyin' here the way we are.
No one else could ever hold me
Like the heavens hold the stars.

out for now