boo hiss...our last day

soooo sad that our vacation is coming to an end today...i can't believe it's our last day here, booo...although i'm sad to see it come to an end, i am going to be VERY happy to sleep in my own bed once again...the bed here was about as soft as concrete...a mattress on the floor, seriously?

the kids and i were so pumped to feed the "seagauligans" again this year but sadly the beach we were at had NONE...really?  how are there NO seagauls on the beach?  sure glad we bought those extra 3 loaves of bread to feed them.

the raft i bought was TOTALLY worth every penny i paid for did not disappoint and mama totally loved it...i even took a little nappy on it monday afternoon, hence the peeling action i have going on now that makes me look like i have leoprosy...and those of you that know me well know just how much i HATE to have my tan messed up by peeling  =/

out for now