30 day blog challenge

so we are going to start a new thing up in here, up in here...a 30 day blog challenge mixed with a 30 day photography challenge...each day i'll blog on a new topic with a pic to match and hopefully by the end of the 30 days ya'all find out at least one little tidbit about me that you didn't know before...i'll still be doing my normal other blog posts, so this month should be jammed packed with posts, yay!!!

Day 1 - A photo of yourself + 15 facts about you

1...i was adopted at 3 days old
2...i hate makeup
3...i have a hard time saying no (but recently DID say no and it felt GREAT)
4...i've struggled with my weight my entire life
5...i am in absolute love with my hubs
6...i'm 100% country
7...my littles make me laugh.HARD. every single day
8...totally love the beach
9...truck pulls = ♥
10...cannot stand spiders and think they are totally unnecessary
11...reality tv junkie
12...hate wearing shoes + socks
13...love music
14...the nicest person until i'm crossed
15...clearly have the best parents ever

out for now