Day 16 – Short term goals for this month and why

my short term goals for this month are pretty simple...

*     lose 10 lbs - why?  because i know i can if i set my mind to it...i'm tired of being so close to my goal weight but never quite getting there...time to put it in gear and work harder than i have
*     balance my schedule + fam more - my busy season for gypsy tree always makes my head feel like it's spinning...and it never fails, at some point i always feel guilt for neglecting my fam...hence the need for balance
*     get my canning done - i am going to have so much canning to do and i REALLY need to fit it in somehow...beets, sauce, pepper dip + so many more things will all need done in the coming weeks...refer to previous goal of balance...obviously this will need to play into that as well

out for now