Day 22 – Your favorite food

i'm not sure it's possible for me to pick only one favorite food...i am obviously a lover of food and have sooooo many about if i list my top 10 favs...

1.  chicken - i soooo love chicken and how many different things you can do with it...joe isn't so much a fan, he says i made it too much when we were first married and wore him out on it (eye roll)
2.  chicken bacon ranch pizza from joeys - um yeah, it's amazing
3.  haluski - i don't make this often anymore because of the high fat content...but i would assume the high fat content is what makes it so amazing
4.  fried zucchini - love love love this BUT hate how long it takes to cook...
5.  spaghetti - one of our family favs
6.  quick pigs - this is pigs in the blanket in casserole form...LOVE it and also love how you can healthy it up so easily
7.  stuffed peppers - i love these sooooo much it's unreal...and i could probably eat myself into a stuffed pepper induced coma
8.  hot dogs wrapped in bacon with brown sugar on top - this needs no explination
9.  buffalo chicken dip - amazing in all ways and one of my youngest littles fav
10. spinach artichoke dip - love love love

out for now