Day 28 - A photo that can always make you smile.

really?  only one?  totally not happening  :)

everytime i look at this pic i just crack up...when i was taking it i was laughing so hard i almost couldn't hold the camera still...the other people in the building, not so much laughing nearly as hard as we all were...
this sweet pup sometimes gets a bit angry (i know, right...hard to believe)...the night i took this pic he was mad at my cousin for blowing on his face...he isn't so much a fan of that, obviously...
jade made this a few weeks back...i laughed like a FREAK when she showed me
aahhh, miss jade...of COURSE she would write "i love racoons" on the sign...i mean, it was the obvious choice, right?
the day joe realized he *might* be married to the crazy dog lady
oh miss jade and her love for eclectic outfits (and penguins)
out for now