Day 29 - A photo of you and the person you have been closest with the longest.

wow, so first let me start off by saying this is a horrible picture of me...there are so many things wrong i can't even begin...blonde hair being one (seriously, i am not meant to be blonde obviously), that shirt (no clue WHAT i was thinking...i would say it was more of a lack of thinking), i was much heavier than i am now and it was just plain horrible lighting...

anyways, a pic of me and the person(s) i've been closest to mama + dad...two of my fav people in the entire world (incase you didn't already know that)...

on a side note, i seriously love dad with his arm around grandma and her leaning WAY far away from him...makes me laugh.hard. every time i look at it...the look on her face, priceless!

out for now