Day 30 - What are your dreams + goals?

i am a big fan of dreams + goals...i think it's extremely important to never, ever stop matter how big or small your dream is...your dreams are something no one else can EVER take away!  i dream of someday being a stay at home mom and running gypsy tree full time...i dream of someday having a working farm...i dream of someday being thin...i dream of someday having a gorgeous home...i dream of someday meeting paula dean (or at least eating at her restaurant) of dreams this girl has  :)

i sooooo love goals...and i've made it through 3 years of dieting by setting small ones...i LOVE setting them and reaching them...right now my goals are to do zumba 7 days a week while still going to the gym...get to my goal weight before stick to my WW diet faithfully...and lots more

out for now