Day 31 - A love letter to yourself.

today is the last day of the challenge and I am to write a love letter to myself…but seeing as I’m more a list maker, I’m going to do mine in list form…

• my sense of humor – sarcastic, sometimes inappropriate but very fun

• my hair – something I’ve always kinda prided myself on…I figure no matter what size I am, nice hair is always a priority

• my commitment – three years ago I decided to get healthy and I’ve done just that, committed myself and ran with it

• my sense of family – this was strongly rooted in me from a young age…one of the absolute most important things in my life…family is everything to me…although I have to say there is a BIG difference between family and relatives…

• my friends – I’m fairly sure I have THE best friends EVER in the history of friends…they are beautiful, fierce, understanding and forgiving…they are fab and I love them

• my compassion – if I see someone that genuinely needs something that I have, it’s just not in me to not share it with them or give it to them…I love giving (which is a downfall at times when being taken advantage of)

• my laugh – loud, big, bold, carefree and happens a million times a day

• my eyes – I can say a million words with them; some good, some bad

• my pride – which sometimes gets me into trouble. but I'm proud of my pride and my sense of honor.

out for now