i saw a status like this on facebook and thought it would make a good little random post...
it basically sums up my childhood...
and thinking back, these memories makes me all warm inside...
amazing times, amazing times...

*  was raised on Hee Haw (i watched it every saturday night...and i can remember being mad when my mom would make me get a bath while it was i would drag a kitchen chair into the bathroom and carry our little tv in there and sit it on the chair...i thought it was soooooo cool watching hee haw while i was in the tub)
*  had a crush on any of the Dukes (oh yes, i was going to marry bo someday)
*  was only allowed to drink soda on special occasions
*  only watched cartoons on Saturday morning (smurfs, snorkels, shirt tails, garfield, foofur and punky brewster)
*  played in the dirt (i had my own set of matchbox cars)
*  got your butt busted (it certainly didn't take me long to realize when you buy a "paddle ball", once the ball falls off all that is left is a paddle)
*  knew to never go anywhere on sunday because businesses were all closed, including stores + malls
*  had a phone with a rotary dial (fairly sure we had this until i was in college, maybe even later than that...and i had one when joe and i were first married)
*  had 3 TV channels  (that would be 2 channels...unless there was a plane flying over, then you could get another one IF you could understand what they were saying through the snow)
*  school started with the "Pledge"  (
*  could not believe the one entire season of dallas was a dream  (watched dallas every week, faithfully, with my mama)
*  rode on big wheels (i always had issues with these, guess my legs were too long)
*  had a bedtime  (i had a bedtime basically until i graduated...and even when i was older, i had a curfew)
*  rode in back of pickup trucks  (as often as i could...and i still do on occasion)
*  recorded the top 40 from radio on cassette tapes  (HA, i still have all of those tapes too...and you would be SO MAD if the phone rang while you were recording)
*  rode your bike all day without a helmet  (my friend shari and i rode our bikes daily, never once wore a helmet)

out for now