happy + blessed

sunday afternoon i struggled and pulled myself up into a sitting position in bed, worked to swing my legs over the side and slowly stood up.  it felt so good to stand.  i bet a little walk would make me feel even better and so i started down the long hallway.  as i was walking, i was thinking back to my conversation with joe the day before.

that was when it hit me, i was in a very serious situation on friday and it could have went either way.  having a bleed that the doctor can't find and once they can find, they have a very hard time stopping is serious and so is being put in ICU.

but i survived because of God's amazing grace and love.  He has a beautiful, perfect plan for my life that didn't end on friday.  and now it's up to me to make sure i'm fulfilling it.

i am so blessed to have the most amazing husband, parents, children, church family and friends.  i love you ALL.  thank you so much for everything!!

out for now