hello beautiful weekend

oh weekend, i love you so...and boy do we have one jammed full of fun. isn't that the best kind to have?

tonight both of the littles are going to winterjam soooooo mr. cutler and i have a date night planned.  we are going to do dinner, get our taxes done and hopefully get my nails done.  not sure he'll enjoy date night nearly as much as i will  :)
tomorrow will be a day packed full of cleaning, cleaning, cleaning (with laundry thrown in there)...the youngest little will NOT be happy about that buuuuut such is life...tomorrow night we are going to have dinner and movie night...i'm thinking we should go out for dinner then just chill with netflix ♥

sunday i have a special breakfast planned for my sweet fam, homemade breakfast pizza...we have church and then a big day of nothing but jammies + movies.  i love sundays!!!!

out for now