meal planning monday

monday - spaghetti, easy peasey

tuesday - buffalo chicken meatloaf and sauteed mushrooms, both biggest loser style (in celebration of the new season starting tonight)

wednesday - roasted cauliflower and chicken pie...this is, without a doubt, one of my FAV meals!!! i will alter it a bit to make it healthier (which means less butter, lol)

thursday - quick pig casserole (cabbage, 96% fat free hamburg, brown rice, sauerkraut and tomato soup) of my absolute FAVS and soooo healthy!!! under 250 calories a serving and it's packed with protein and fiber...i highly recommend this one!!!  i plan on making a big ole' batch of it and freezing it in single serving containers for quick lunch and dinners.

friday - subway night  =) 

saturday - dinner with friends

sunday - out to dinner with the fam

out for now