meal planning monday

monday - crock pot chicken, gravy and stuffing (but made with turkey)...mmm, i bet it will be delish!

tuesday - chicken pie...this is, without a doubt, one of my FAV meals!!! i will alter it a bit to make it healthier (which means less butter, lol)...

wednesday - hobo bean soup...i love this soup (the oldest little does NOT, he isn't a lover of beans)'s packed full of fiber and isn't bad on the diet...i cut the sugar amounts in half (to also be easier on the diet) and i use turkey bacon...i'm hoping to be able to freeze some of it in single servings for a quick grab-and-go for lunches at work...

thursday - spaghetti with meat sauce (whole wheat pasta, my own canned spaghetti sauce and 96% fat free ground beef)

friday - chicken and of my own personal FAV winter meals...and i love how easy it is!  i use a rotisserie chicken bought from the grocery store and that makes it easy peasy.

saturday - perhaps a little pizza + movie night ♥

sunday - joes famous bbq ribs (thank you leyo's for your ridiculous sale on ribs), cheesy potatoes and ranch bread...can't hardly wait for this comfort packed meal!!!

out for now